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Bailey Project Management Benefits



Our approach to project management allows for continuity of knowledge throughout the quotation and into construction phase, to ensure a seamless transition from intent to delivery. Saving you time and hassle.


Single point of contact

When an order is placed with us, a Project Manager is allocated, who will remain the single point of contact throughout the various stages of the project, from order to completion.



The production information provided includes the onsite instruction package, which incorporates copies of the relevant drawings, installation instructions and fixings identification list. The Project Manager liaises with site team to offer telephone support, and, if necessary, on site advice can also be provided.



On the completion of all projects, a full set of install drawings are provided with any relevant product information for O&M manuals. In addition, a review of the project on its completion, by the Bailey project team, will take place to assure the processes and delivery of our products has been achieved in the most cost effective manner.



The Project Manager is responsible for monitoring cost of materials ordered by the customer and overseeing the manufacturing and delivery programme. As part of this role they also co-ordinate the preparation of working drawings with the architect, engineer and any other interfacing sub-contractor.

An essential part of this process is to review initial design drawings, assessing that all appropriate primary and secondary support has been included to ensure the most cost effective method of installation.


BAILEY project
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Our project management process gives you:

  • Consistency & a dedicated team of named contacts
  • Allocated experts for your project
  • Reassurance & high levels of customer serviceability

The management team below are involved in each project we take on, to give you the benefit of the specialist knowledge held throughout our company.

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