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Rainscreen Cladding & External Wall Cladding system

Vented, Drained, Ventilated & Pressure Equalised

Rainscreen cladding is a system designed to work with the elements of nature to protect the structure of a building from the wind and rain.



Correctly specified, a rainscreen cladding system will provide insulating properties whilst controlling water, wind and fire.

The primary driver for a rainscreen cladding system is usually down to the visual impact of the building. But the desire for aesthetics has to be combined with performance; weather-proofing the building and contributing to the overall thermal performance.
There are three main types of rainscreen cladding /external wall cladding systems.

Vented, Drained Cladding

Vented Cladding

Pressure Equalised Cladding

Each system is better suited to different applications.

Bailey Total Building Envelope rainscreen systems provide:

  • Design versatility with structural design framing and fixing systems.
  • Lightweight, easy to install system.
  • Low maintenance and durable façade solution.
  • Thermally isolated contact points back to the primary structure.
  • Extensive range of materials and finishes.
  • Complementary fully fabricated eaves systems.
  • In-house design support and technical advice centre

Bailey’s product range of external facade options ranges from the simple recessed fix metal trays through to more complex and bespoke systems.  Pressed metal panels are available in fully secret fixed systems, utilising either cassette or hook-on type joint details

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