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BAILEY UK - Flat Roofing Systems & Low Pitched Roofs

Bailey Classic Two layer torch-on waterproofing system

Suitable for Hot & Cold Flat Roof Systems

Achieving good cold temperature flexibility makes Classic ideal for use in colder weather conditions.

Bailey Classic is a versatile product which can be used on any type of flat roof, including warm and cold roof constructions.  Bailey Classic is the perfect solution for any new build or refurbishment projects.

Achieving good cold temperature flexibility makes Classic ideal for use in colder weather conditions. The flexible membrane can absorb substrate movement, thus increasing the long term performance of the product.

  • SBS (styrene butyl styrene) modified, elastomeric bitumen membrane
  • Torch-on application
  • 4.0 or 4.5kg/m2 capsheet, reinforced with a polyester carrier
  • 2mm or 4mm underlay.
  • Available in various coloured mineral finishes, including green, black and tweed
  • Sanded capsheet where an alternative surface finish is required
  • Adheres to ISO9001
  • Manufactured using the latest technology and are continually monitored.
  • CE marked

Classic Plus

  • Two layer torch-on waterproofing system
  • 15 year guarantee
  • 5kg/m2 capsheet & 4mm underlay
  • SBS modification technology
  • Cost effective
  • Long lasting
  • High performance
  • Secure waterproofing
  • Swift and easy product to install
Product Thickness Black Mineral Green Mineral Tweed Mineral Sanded Mineral
Classic Mineral Capsheet 4.5kg/m2 2.8mm      
Classic Sanded Capsheet 4.0kg/m2 2.8mm  
Classic Plus Mineral Capsheet 5.0kg/m2 3.2mm    
Classic Underlay 2mm  NA NA NA NA
Classic Double Underlay 4mm  NA NA NA NA

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Long Term Guarantees – the system that really works
All products in the Bailey Classic range can be guaranteed by a simple and easy to use, self-issue guarantee.  This means the project can be signed off and payment settled, providing security for the client and confidence for the contractor.

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