Cayzer House – Victoria, London

Sector: Roofing
Architect: Chapman Architects
  • Project focus: Two storey addition to refurbished offices

  • Products used: Platinum modular rainscreen system & C-fix coping system

Bailey Total Building Envelope was pleased to add the finishing touch to the expansive refurbishment of Cayzer House, a tired 1980s building turned deluxe office space in Victoria, London. The multimillion pound development of the building, designed by Chapman Architects, involved stripping it back to its concrete frame to allow for total refurbishment of the interior and exterior, with Bailey cladding a further two storeys.

For this project, architects Chapman Architects were to create a headquarters which would reflect the history and occupational requirements of their client’s prominent company. Rather than simply modernising an older building, both the interior and exterior needed to convey something reminiscent of the client’s standing: bespoke and high-end. The removal of all services, finishes, fittings, external walls and roof coverings; stripping the building back to its bare bones, gave designers and architects free rein to create a space which met the client’s vision.

After having previous positive experiences with Bailey, Andrew Frankel, architect from Chapman Waterworth, specified the Platinum Modular rainscreen system for the additional two storeys to top the office space. He said:

“Quality was of the utmost importance for this project that’s why we chose the cassette system from Bailey. The perfectly flat design of the Platinum Modular panelling gives the flawless, pared-down aesthetic we were after and still possesses a touch of elegance to match the high-end interior.”

Andrew knew that the cohesive nature of the rainscreen cladding would give the seamless look he and his team were after, so specified the panelled system with expressed joints. Although a contrast to the bricks below, the sleek design and bronze of the panelling doesn’t look out of place, instead the subtle colouring alludes to the luxurious CATB interior fitted within.

For the finish Andrew compared both the powder and anodised coating, eventually opting for the powdered option, he explains why:

“The powdered option gave us more control over the finish to the different types of metals used for different elements across the project making for an impressive overall effect. Its durable properties, and the fact it’s easier to repair, meant that the finish is not only faultless it also has the longevity that is synonymous with high quality. The bespoke steel hoods, balustrading and entrance gates to the rear all worked well across to the project but it was the powdered coating which tied all the various elements together and created the consistent look we were after.”

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Quality was of the utmost importance for this project that’s why we chose the cassette system from Bailey. Andrew Frankel Architect from Chapman Waterworth