McLaren Production Facility, Woking

Sector: Facade System
Architect: Fosters + Partners
Client: McLaren
Contractor: Main: Sir Robert McAlpine Sub: Hathaway

McLaren: Curved Bullnose and Soffit System

The McLaren Production Centre is designed as a companion building for the award-winning McLaren Technology Centre and will be used for the manufacture of the company’s latest range of high-performance road cars. MP4-12C and all future McLaren sports cars will be produced at the new £40 million.

Just like the award-winning McLaren Technology Centre, the MPC has been carefully designed by Foster + Partners to fit perfectly into its environment to be as efficient and environmentally sensitive as possible. Its design develops themes found in some of the practice’s earliest industrial buildings for Reliance Controls and Renault and will showcase McLaren’s technology with a flexible, light and uplifting workplace, more akin to an operating theatre than a factory.

Bailey Bullnose fascia/soffit secret fix cassette system has the quality of engineering required of this prestige manufacturing plant providing no visible fixings and a profile that is smooth and rigid. The eaves are one of the key features of the buildings architecture, it provides the important line that heads the elevation, helping to bring together many visual elements and forming the junction between walls and roof. Significantly, the eaves with its projecting profile also acts as protection and shading of the walls, windows and doors underneath.

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