Curved Rainscreen Aluminium Cladding used on Sports Centre

Sector: Leisure
Architect: LCE Architects
Contractor: Crispin & Borst Ltd

The architect required products that were eco-friendly and adaptable to enable the building to complement the immediate surroundings and be as unobtrusive as possible. Bailey rainscreen Prima cladding system is ideal for this application, providing an aluminium recessed fix system that was suitably covered in a polyester powder coated finish, while being supported on a Bailey carcassing framework.
Working from sketches and preliminary drawings, Bailey had the experience to translate design needs into practical and workable metal fabrication and installation solutions that met all specification and contractor criteria.
Using Bailey Laser-line carcassing on this project meant complete elevations could be aligned quickly and straightforwardly and with far greater accuracy than with traditional measurements. Due to the project’s unique design and shape, this was of particular importance ensuring a completely flat façade system was achieved on the finished project.
The economic benefits of the high grade of aluminium Bailey used in their manufacturing process are low maintenance, longevity and material value at the end of a building’s life. This therefore supported the architect’s desires to use eco-friendly products which were adaptable with the surroundings.
Bailey’s secret fix rainscreen cladding system was particularly suited to this project because its composition ensures each panel remains flat, without the ripples and fixing dimples that arise with standard sheet metal soffits. Therefore the panels flowed around the buildings unique design and shape giving a neat finish.

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