Cassette Eaves System for School

Greenhill School

Sector: Facade System
Architect: B3 Burgess, Cardiff
Client: Greenhill School
Contractor: Bruce Massey/James Barnes

Bailey Secret-fix System 

In August 2007, a major building program was completed at Greenhill. This included demolishing the existing English corridor and rooms and rebuilding these to provide bigger, much better equipped teaching facilities.

This new extension provides, amongst other things, 2 new IT Suites, 2 Cookery rooms, a Textiles room and a graphics room. There are also new Additional Needs teaching areas and the associated support rooms/offices.

Bailey has supplied its secret-fix system for smooth flat aluminium eaves to the Greenhill School in Tenby. Contemporary buildings such as the Greenhill School require a smooth, even appearance. Bailey secret-fix systems for eaves panels means that this sleek, modern look is achieved for the school without ripples, distortion, or fixing dimples.

Bailey Cassette Eaves System has been rigorously designed and developed to be particularly neat and smooth in finished appearance, whilst featuring ease of installation. The system provides a long life, low maintenance solution for this critical building element.


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