Distinct Double-Curved Roof for the Velodrome

Velodrome, Olympic Park

Sector: Leisure
Architect: Michael Hopkins
Client: Olympic Delivery Authority
Contractor: Main: ISG Sub: Prater

Scope of works:

  • Bullnose

General Description:

Olympic Velodrome, London, which features a distinct double-curved roof. The 6,000 seat stadium incorporated 13,000 sqm of Kalzip Standing Seam roof, eight 100m long roof lights, 420lm of bullnose to the perimeter and 22 movement joints.
The Velodrome is the most sustainable venue on the Olympic Park in terms of design and construction.


Meeting the architect’s vision to create a bullnose perimeter that flowed and wrapped over the roof shape, a support system was designed to enable the ‘build’ tolerances to be overcome in all directions avoiding having visible fixings ensured the smooth, curved appearance was maximised.

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