South Bank University

Sector: Facade System
Architect: Hawkins Brown
Client: London South Bank University

South Bank University: External Rainscreen Cladding

The new Student Centre at London South Bank University has been designed as a hub for social and educational interaction. The innovative use of space brings the student centre to the heart of the Central London Campus by converting a previously underused car park and first floor cafeteria space.

The refurbishment of the external envelope was critical to the change in use. The structure of the building was changed to to bring light and a modern feel to the multi-use space.
Rainscreen cladding was used on the front of the university building to add to the visual impact. The architect visualised a bespoke finish to the rainscreen cladding to resemble the bark of a London Plane tree, the most quintessential tree to London’s landscape!

To meet this design requirement Bailey created a unique finish by perforating the aluminium panels. Working from the photo of the tree, a series of perforations were designed to reflect the pattern of the bark. This was achieved using Bailey’s fully CNC turret punch machine; the pattern was programmed in and then punched out with incredible accuracy. The finished effect was stunning.

The Bailey Prima Rainscreen system was applied to this project with its perfect adaptability. The neat recesses of the system ensured that the fixings did not detract from the aesthetics of the perforations thus creating a firm, secure yet visually pleasing rainscreen.

The panels were coated in durable and long-lasting Bailey Anodising. With over 30 years of experience in the industry Bailey had the expertise to ensure a consistent anodised finish was achieved in terms of colour and coverage. Anodised finish can be easily damaged prior to installation.  At Bailey we are committed to ensure that the anodised systems arrive on site without damage, this is achieved by incorporating unique packaging methods, individually wrapping each panel and crating the materials. Bailey’s strict quality control system ensured the optimum aesthetics were achieved on both the design and finish.

The London Southbank University project won AJ Retrofit Awards 2013 Higher Education – Winner and was shortlisted for RIBA 2013 – London Region Award.
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