Eco Green Roof supplied to Primary School

Bolnore Village Primary School

Sector: Roofing
Architect: Re-format LLP

Bailey Atlantic & Eco-Roof Green Roof System

The new Bolnore Village Primary School, designed by Re-format, was selected as the overall winner of the 2012 Mid Sussex Design Awards.  The school is the UK’s first and only parent-promoted and self-governing primary school in the country.

Bailey supplied an extensive Eco-Roof green roof together with Bailey Atlantic sustainable waterproofing layer, thus creating a roof which is both environmentally responsible and beneficial.  The school is surrounded by ancient woodland; therefore Bailey Eco-Roof green roof was the perfect solution to help the building blend in with the surroundings, camouflaging it from above and making it appear attractive rather than unsightly in ‘green’ areas.

Bailey Eco-Roof green roofs are first in their class being ‘entirely green’. The main reason for this is that beneath Bailey Eco-Roof green roofs is a Bailey Atlantic sustainable waterproofing system.  Bailey Atlantic TPO single ply membrane contains no chlorides, fluorides or plasticisers, resulting in a completely environmentally and chemically inert product, in manufacture, installation and after years of service. The absence of these means there is nothing in the product which can leach out into run-off water and thus contaminate water course and rivers.  This was particularly important in the ecologically sensitive area the school is situated in.

Bailey Atlantic is particularly suitable for use with Bailey Eco-Roof systems as the membrane is in itself root resistant (to FLL regulations) thus omitting the need for an additional root barrier layer.

To ensure workmanship is up to Bailey’s required standard of excellence in flat roofing, a series of site inspections were carried out during the course of the installation. Bailey’s Technical Personnel assisted and advised with detailing and laying of the system, resulting in a successful installation. On completion of the project, prior to issue of the guarantee, a final inspection was carried out to ensure a satisfactory result.


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