Secret Fix Cassette Fascia System for Sylvan Glade

Sylvan Glade

Sector: New Build
Architect: Spaced Out Architects
Client: Mr & Mrs Denby
Contractor: Modillion Homes Ltd

Slim line Secret Fix Cassette Fascia/Soffit System and Coping

Focused on inspiration from the transcendental feeling created by the light and space of a woodland clearing. Sylvan Glade is a fluid plan of curves linking open and cellular spaces. The glazed facades emphasise the dynamic relationship with the landscape. The project team facilitated the clients wishes to select all their materials and suppliers themselves and their desire to explore new innovative products. To view see the following video click here.

Bailey has the experience to translate conceptual designs into practical working solutions without effecting the aesthetic integrity of the original concept. Early involvement with the early design ensure a cost effective method of installation and profiles that are bespoke to suit to clients requirements without exceeding standard sizes.

Bailey secret fix cassette system avoids unsightly exposed fixing and the Polyester Powder Coated finish offers a 30 year guarantee, assuring a life time of visual satisfaction.

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