Waterproofing building envelope solution for O2 base camp.

Sector: Roofing
Architect: bblur Architecture
Contractor: Colourminium Group

Atlantic Single Ply & Rainscreen Cladding: 02 Base Camp

The specification of the building envelope for ‘Base Camp’ at the O2 Arena Entertainment district presented some technical challenges in waterproofing the building while delivering the aesthetics required by Architect bblurr Architecture.

The aluminium lacquered rainscreen cladding was designed to go up and over the façade of the building to meet the ‘north light’ style PV system. The seamless effect of the envelope was key. Corners, edges and interfaces all required lots of design work to achieve a continuous flawless appearance and to ensure they didn’t leak.

Bailey Total Building Envelope worked with the architect and specialist sub-contractor to deliver bespoke detailing in order to achieve the correct interface between the building envelope elements. These interfaces have been time tested over many years on a combination of projects and a complete solution created for the ‘Base Camp’.

The rainscreen cladding was installed using the Bailey Total Building Envelope secret fix system to clad the prefabricated timber ‘pod’. The panels were horizontal on one elevation and vertical on the next which also made the wall interfaces difficult to install. Again these interface issues were designed out by the technical team at Bailey.

The roof finish was metal cladding for aesthetics, using Bailey Atlantic Single Ply for the waterproofing. The complex detailing on the roof meant that provision was required for gutter maintenance and the fixing method for the metal roof finish. A series of upstands were created for the metal rails. Fixings were self-sealing and elevated out of the water channel to give additional peace of mind.

In addition to the technical challenges of the project, the programme time was tight and all had to be completed in time for London 2012.
To ensure successful installation within the programme timeframe, great care was taken at the front end of the project. Details were modelled and tested before fabrication and Bailey Total Building Envelope worked closely with the specifier and specialist contractor from design to installation. The finished project appears so simple with clean lines and a continuous finish for the complete building envelope.


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