Bailey Eco-Roof blends seamlessly with St Andrews Links

Sector: Roofing
Architect: NORR Architects
Contractor: Robertson Construction

Bailey Eco-Roof blends seamlessly with St Andrews Links

The stunning countryside and rolling hillocks of St Andrews Links in Scotland have delighted golfers for more than 600 years. So, when the club wanted to invest in a new warehouse and office facility on the site, it was important that the building didn’t detract from this beautiful location. NORR Architects designed the  £2 million Morris Building, choosing Bailey Eco-Roof for this prestigious project.
Typically, green roofing is specified for flat roofs, but NORR wished to emulate the undulating landscape the course is famous for. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, Bailey designed a detailed installation plan for a fully curved roof and eaves system, including cassette fascia soffits, which at its steepest pitch was almost vertical.
After constructing a scaled mock-up of the roof, it became clear to Bailey that the sedum would need to be secured at 460mm intervals using green roof trims. To enable the sedum to root itself and become self-securing, a nylon string was ‘zig-zagged’ between the trims to secure the vegetation mat. The blend of local sedum and vegetation was then tucked into the trims and left to flourish. Specified to tolerate the exposed location of the golf course at the edge of the North Sea, the green roofing blends in seamlessly with its surroundings.
With such a steep curve to the roof, a strong system was required to make sure each panel remained flat, even with the growth of the plants. This was solved with Bailey’s Cassette Fascia Soffit System, which was wrapped around the perimeter of the roof ensuring there were no ripples or dimples.
With its root resistance and high-performance waterproofing qualities, Bailey’s Atlantic single ply was the ideal roofing membrane to install underneath the green roof system. This was followed by Eco-Roof reservoir board, which increases water retention capacity for the vegetation, helping to keep the sedum healthy all year round.
Capping the sides of the roof are Bailey’s secret fix eaves, which are a bespoke, curved design and act as a visual frame from the vegetation as it matures over time.
Speaking about the project, NORR’s chief architect, Lorna Denholm, commented:

“The Eco-Roof required a combination of products to deliver a complete system. The installation was complex as the roof was barrel-like in shape, but Bailey worked tirelessly to make sure everything went to plan. When completed, it was not only perfect for its aesthetic qualities, it also helped to achieve our sustainability credentials for the project.”

The Morris Building also includes an air source heat pump, rainwater harvesting and a natural ventilation system, as well as benefitting from the green roof.
St Andrews Links Commercial Director Danny Campbell said:

“When we started this project on the site of a former contractor’s yard our main ambition was to match groundbreaking design with green credentials.
“Those ambitions have been realised, and we are proud to have an extremely attractive and comfortable working environment together with excellent storage facilities, all delivered within an ecologically sound package.
“The building instantly won admirers for its natural beauty and as the natural materials have weathered it has blended into the living landscape becoming an integral part of the Links, both aesthetically and from a practical perspective.”

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