Single Ply Roofing System used on Hospital Roof Top

Eastbourne District General Hospital

Sector: Roofing
Client: Eastbourne District General Hospital

Atlantic Sustainable Single Ply Roofing: Eastbourne Hospital

Bailey Atlantic sustainable single ply roofing system was chosen to refurbish the roof of the Eastbourne Hospital. The reason for the choice was the product’s durability, sustainability and compatibility with other building products. Atlantic is a 2mm thick membrane, which is unaffected by UV light and lasts in excess of 40 years. The manufacture of Bailey Atlantic does not include any chlorides, fluorides or plasticisers, resulting in an environmentally neutral product which is fully recyclable at any time in its life. Due to its composition Atlantic is bitumen compatible enabling many old roofs to be overlaid rather than stripped up. Stripping up cause’s considerable disturbance to occupants, further waste to be disposed of by landfill and the possibility of water ingress.

The existing roof at Eastbourne Hospital was showing signs of deterioration and in need of replacement.  Bailey’s service started by conducting a full roof survey and core sample to identify the existing builds up. Following this a detailed specification outlining Bailey’s recommendations was issued together with photographs and drawings for a cut to falls insulation scheme.  This had the dual benefit of improving the existing falls and upgrading the insulation to current regulations.

Liaison between Bailey and the contractor ensured a successful installation in accordance with the specification.  Bailey’s technical expertise and practical on site assistance enabled difficult details to be weathered correctly.

Site inspections were conducted at regular intervals, and reports produced. Upon completion and final inspection, with confirmation that all parties were satisfied with the result, an insurance backed guarantee for 15 years was issued.

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