August 22nd Aluminium Cladding Vs Stone Cladding

I’m often involved with architects and designers at very early stages of a project before the project has even been submitted for planning. It’s a very interesting stage of a project when the building is an architectural canvas to the imagination, a literal blank piece of paper for the designer to craft something iconic. It is at this stage of... Read more

May 17th The ‘Hole’ Truth – Perforated Facades!

Perforated metals have increasingly found favour with architects and designers as they search for innovative products and finishes to enhance a building’s aesthetics.  Perforated facades, including rainscreen cladding, help to add a distinctive personality to a building exterior at the same time as performing its important function. The simple fact that metals can be formed, trimmed, shaped and cut to... Read more

May 17th Rainscreen cladding and fire risk

Rainscreen cladding is designed to protect a building from the weather. However, the fundamental elements of the ventilated cavity that enables the rainscreen system, also make it a fire risk. What makes it a fire risk? The ventilation required to enable the system to dry out can act as a ‘chimney’ for the fire, causing it to spread. This causes... Read more

May 17th Why are more Specifiers Considering a Unitised Approach to Facade Systems?

Currently we are seeing the increase of offsite manufacturing revolutionising the way buildings are being built.  Unitised facades are designed to exploit the benefits of building off site and allow modern methods of construction to be applied to the external envelope. More specifiers, developers and contractors than ever before are recognising the benefits of moving elements of the construction process... Read more

May 17th Green roofing for roof pitches over 10 degrees

Typically green roofing is specified for ‘flat roofs’, that is those with a pitch under 10 degrees, but it’s becoming more and more common that green roofing is required on projects with roof pitches over 10 degrees.  Specified to help satisfy planning requirements and to achieve a project’s sustainable credentials, green roofing continues to grow in popularity. (more…) Read more

May 17th Specification of pressure equalised rainscreen cladding systems

The use of a pressure equalised (or moderated) rainscreen cladding system is mainly chosen for buildings four to five storeys high, or over 12 meters. The main principle of a pressure equalised system is to balance the flow of air and control water using the building envelope. (more…) Read more

May 17th Why is CWCT testing important?

CWCT (Centre for Window & Cladding Technology) use various testing methods, which determine the level of serviceability of a window, façade or cladding systems when subjected to various levels of water, air and solid object impact. The final level of certifications depends on the pressure reached or the degree of damaged caused after impact. (more…) Read more

May 17th What are the different types of rainscreen systems?

Rainscreen cladding is a system designed to work with the elements of nature to protect the structure of a building from the wind and rain. Correctly specified, a rainscreen cladding system will provide insulating properties whilst controlling water, wind and fire. (more…) Read more

May 17th What is a green roof?

A green roof is a system that uses vegetation as the finish of the roof covering instead of just the weathering materials.  The vegetated layers sit on top of the conventional waterproofing layer of the building.  The use of vegetation in construction dates back to early times, however it is only in recent years that they have become a popular... Read more

March 8th The Guide to Bailey Flat Roofing Products

At a time when more attention is being paid to the environment and space saving, flat roofs are increasingly becoming an interesting solution with many advantages. A flat roof opens many possibilities, for example, it can become an additional level to use as a garden or terrace, or a platform to collect solar energy. Flat roofing can be both aesthetic... Read more