August 28th


Over the last decade the trend to manufacture off site has risen dramatically.

As more specifiers, developers and contractors than ever before are recognising the benefits of moving elements of the construction process into a controlled factory environment, we take a look at the benefits of taking the unitised facade approach.

What is a unitised facade?

Unitised facades consist of prefabricated and assembled units which can be moved direct from the factory environment to site for fast installation onto pre-prepared fixings.  Typically, unitised facades are the width of a glazing bay and one or two storeys high and the panels are fully glazed and sealed off site, with gaskets and glazing beads pre-installed in factory-controlled conditions instead of on site.

Unitised facades are a prime example of the benefits of building off site and allow for modern methods of construction to be applied to the external envelope. This approach allows for greater scope when specifying, for more technically challenging projects to fast track schemes, new builds or refurbishment.

The many advantages of these systems haven’t bypassed us here at Bailey, so we have collated the 10 reasons why the unitised facade approach should be considered when specifying for your next project.


  1. With a wide range of aesthetic variations available architects can combine finishes, infills, external feature caps and glazing specification to achieve any design vision
  2. The versatility of the designs. These can include stone cladding, metal, composite  or polycarbonate panels; windows, doors and fixed lighting glazing; brise soleil and photovoltaic panels
  3. Reduce time on site by up to 70%. The shorter lead times mean contractors and architects can meet the increasing demand for sooner delivery dates/reduced programme times
  4. Units can be installed without the need to work on scaffolding meaning increased safety on site
  5. Less storage is required making unitised facades perfect for city centre sites where space and access is limited
  6. The manufacture of facades off site requires less handling of materials on site
  7. Quality is improved as precision engineered in a controlled production environment ensuring quality of facade systems are significantly improved
  8. Waste control measures are more stringent in a factory environment resulting in reduced costs from wastage, loss and damage
  9. The approach can be used for technically challenging projects, while new designs can be developed for more complex and bespoke designs
  10. Unlike conventional cladding there is a singular point of responsibility for the building envelope, whether they hold cedar, stone or even glass, which makes for easier management and means there are no difficult interfaces between different cladding systems.

So, contact us today if looking for faster build times, an improvement in quality and a safer on site work environment, because unitised facade system could be the solution for your specification needs.