August 24th


Bailey’s rainscreen cladding systems have passed a number of British Standard Fire Tests conducted by a certified third party, achieving Class 1 classification across the board.

These tests aim to support and reassure customers who are specifying rainscreen cladding systems on new build or refurbishment projects when considering how a building will behave in fire. A vital design consideration, fire testing can help to ensure that the structure will not contribute to the spread of any fire, as stipulated by building regulations.
British Standard (BS) publications are technical specifications that can be used as guidance for the manufacture and specification of building products. Within this, British Standard 476 sets out the correct fire tests for structural materials and grades their level of fire resistance. Three of Bailey’s flagship rainscreen cladding systems – Bailey Stainless Steel Fusion Panel (galvanised honeycomb), Bailey Aluminium Platinum Rainscreen and Bailey Aluminium Fusion Rainscreen – were tested for fire performance under the following specifications:
·BS 476-6:1989+A1:2009 – fire propagation test
·BS 476-7:1997 – surface spread of flame test

These products were also assessed to meet British Standard 6853 Fire Test to Railway Components – a requirement for London Underground projects as specified by Transport for London – including:
·BS 6853:1999 Annex B.2 – toxic fume test
·BS 6853:1999 Annex D8.4 – smoke density test
The tests were performed in specialist laboratories by Exova Group Limited, a highly respected product and material testing businesses, with all systems proved to have excellent fire performance.
Commenting on Bailey’s commitment to product testing, Daniel Gilmore, Bailey CEO, said:

“Making sure our clients have everything they need to be confident in the specification and design process is our top priority. These tests clearly demonstrate that our rainscreen cladding systems are fire resistant and safe to use. Gaining certifications such as this is a big investment for the company, but it is a small price to pay to prove the high performance of our products and give customers peace of mind.”

Further to this, Bailey is now looking to gain EN certification for its Stainless Steel Fusion Panel, in order to comply with strict TFL guidelines, ensuring the safety of passengers. This will include two tests:
·EN ISO 1716:2010 – gross heat of combustion of products
·EN ISO 13823:2008 – durability of structures subject to known or foreseeable environmental actions
There have been concerns about the fire performance of certain rainscreen cladding types in light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy, specifically ACM cladding. Bailey does not manufacture or sell this product.
Please read our full statement here for more information.