December 8th


Kevin Rice

The Bailey team are excited to celebrate another staff anniversary as 2017 draws to a close – customer service and logistics manager, Kevin Rice – who has been with the business for an impressive 20 years.

Kevin first joined Bailey back in 1997, after working in a scaffolding company that decided to relocate to another county. The timing was right, as Bailey was expanding its operations and needed a number of new shop floor staff. Kevin was snapped up and began working as a guillotine and press brake operator, soon progressing to the paint shop, managing finishes and polyester powder coating (PPC).
Since becoming part of the expert team, Kevin has seen plenty of changes in the manufacturing and construction industries.

“The complexity of the projects we undertake have increased massively in the past 20 years,” Kevin explains. “Architects are pushing the boundaries with new shapes, profiles and designs and our processes have come on leaps and bounds to keep up with the market. We innovate to ensure we give architects the quality results they want, while delivering projects on schedule. It’s challenging, but we work together to get the job done with precision and accuracy.
“There have also been positive advances in health and safety – for example the chemicals we use in the paint shop – which are now much more environmentally friendly too.”

Recognised for his organisation and people skills, Kevin now works in an office-based role covering logistics, processing roofing orders, purchasing and stock control, looking after customer service and managing day-to-day health and safety requirements. However busy he is, Kevin still supports his team members on the shop floor, applying his experience to problem solving during challenging projects.

“I like to help people out whenever I can, that’s the culture at Bailey, and one of the reasons I’ve worked here all these years,” says Kevin. “There is a real open, family atmosphere and you feel valued because of it. If you care for Bailey, Bailey cares for you. I think there are great opportunities here for young people to progress and learn in a supportive environment, I would definitely recommend a role at Bailey.”

Daniel Gilmore, Bailey CEO, says:

“I would like to personally thank Kevin for all his hard work and dedication over the years, he is an asset to our team and an inspiration to those he assists every day. It’s thanks to people like Kevin that we have grown our business and developed effective teams that can deliver the best possible results for clients.”

We’re always looking for enthusiastic, driven people to join the Bailey team. If you would like to enquire about a role, please get in touch.