November 17th


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Bailey has been awarded two ISO certifications, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 environmental management – third party standards that prove the company’s dedication to supplying high quality, sustainable products, systems and services.

An independent international organisation, ISO includes 162 national standards bodies and 21,895 standards. These world-class standards support innovation, ensuring quality, safety and efficiency, impacting almost every aspect of daily life. Globally, new and existing clients are now actively looking for these accreditations in order to meet their own regulatory commitments.
For Bailey, the ISO accreditations illustrate the company’s ongoing commitment to best practice and give clients further confidence in the products and services they are receiving. Third party endorsement in these areas builds trust and strengthens partnerships.
One of the best known standards, ISO 9001 addresses various aspects of quality management and provides guidance and tools to guarantee that Bailey’s products and services consistently meet customers’ requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.
The second standard awarded to Bailey, ISO 14001, focuses on environmental performance. With sustainability a key pillar of the company’s values, it was important that Bailey achieve this standard to build on its green credentials. From air conditioning and cleaning products, to recycling, waste reduction and fleet emissions, ISO 14001 covers the breadth of the business.
It has taken many months of work to prepare for the in-depth auditing process required to pass the accreditations, which has included rigorous monitoring and evaluation of all operations and processes.

The journey to achieving these standards has been worth the hard work, as Daniel Gilmore, Bailey CEO, explains: “We knew that investing the time, labour and money into this fantastic achievement would be worthwhile. Gaining these ISO standards allows us to give our clients what they want – excellence, quality, sustainability, fast delivery and a commitment to getting it right first time.
“We’re proud of this huge achievement and I want to personally congratulate the whole team for working to a continuously high level – thanks to this attitude these ISO standards have been a natural progression. Without buy-in from each and every member of staff, we would not have been able to accomplish our goals.
“From a business perspective, these ISO standards open up new opportunities for us and increase efficiency, in turn helping us to achieve our aggressive growth strategy.”

The hard work isn’t over – as well as preparing for annual audits to maintain these standards, Bailey is now working towards ISO 44001, which focuses on collaborative business relationships. This standard is aligned with the business’s push towards more collaborative working, in order to improve efficiency in large construction projects.
If you would like to find out more about Bailey’s third party accreditations, click here.