January 18th

New year, new regulation – Building fire safety amends

building fire regulations

Fire safety and flame spread prevention has been at the forefront of building industry conversations for some time.

21st December 2018 saw the introduction of new amendments to The Building Regulations 2010, Approved Document B: Fire safety (volume 2 – buildings other than dwelling houses). The government regulation specially looks at the resistance of the spread of fire in materials used in the building envelope – including roofs and external walls.

Combustible materials and cavities in external walls can present a risk to health and safety, particularly in tall buildings. Materials which become part of an external wall or specified attachment – such as a balcony or solar panel – from now need to be of European Classification A2-s1, d0 or Class A1. These classifications need to be tested in accordance with the guidelines laid out by the British Standards Institution.

The roof of a building must also adequately resist the spread of fire and – where a risk – resist the spread of flames from one building to another.

These amendments will directly affect product fire safety certificates, as regulation – quite rightly – becomes tighter. It is important that the systems and products installed on new and refurbed building projects are as safe as possible. For the full amendment document visit legislation.gov.uk.

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Flame-free roofing – minimize the risk

Torch-free roofing systems are a popular alternative to the standard flame installation of bitumen felt membrane roofing, particularly for projects where the building is already occupied by people. In these situations, safety is paramount.

Bailey System 5000 is a single layer, flame free felt roofing system. Installed using hot air, totally eliminates the fire risk and provides a competitive, bituminous alternative to single ply systems.

Installation is rapid and efficient without the use of naked flames or boilers, greatly reducing the risk of fire and injuries caused by hot bitumen.


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