July 4th

Prater MD visits Bailey with message of collaboration

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This month, Bailey staff welcomed Gavin Hamblett, Managing Director at Prater, who delivered an insightful presentation on the importance of collaboration in the construction industry.

Bailey and Prater, the UK’s leading specialist building envelope contractor, have been working closely on construction projects across the UK for more than 25 years. Most recently, successes have included London Bridge Station, Telehouse North Two and the stunning Fenwick store, part of Bracknell’s town centre regeneration. It’s a partnership that has developed thanks to open, honest communication, and a willingness to learn from every venture together.
Gavin explained: “We are proud to work with Bailey and to have delivered some first-class projects as a team. When presented with cutting-edge designs with tighter deadlines than ever, it’s paramount that our supply chain partners match our dedication to the best quality, best delivery and best value. By removing normal business barriers and promoting collaboration, it enables us to work with a repeat business attitude – sharing success but also sharing, and working through, any stumbling blocks.
“I’ve been very impressed with the daily, open communication we’ve had with Bailey during recent projects. The effort and passion from all parties has resulted in an immense performance and some incredible buildings.”
The visit included a full tour of Bailey’s manufacturing facilities and offices in Horsham, and a chance to meet the team who work hard to ensure that projects are delivered on time, with the highest quality products.
Daniel Gilmore, CEO of Bailey, said: “It was great to hear Gavin speak about collaboration, as it’s a way of working that we champion. We see ourselves as an extension of the team at Prater, and we have a vested interest in ensuring projects are successful. It’s dependent on a set of behaviours and a level of trust that is fundamental to increasing productivity – this is where the whole industry should be heading.”
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