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There is no such thing as a standard building, which is why we never provide ‘standard’ system drawings.

Every building is unique and presents its own set of challenges. There is no such thing as a standard building, which is why we never provide ‘standard’ system drawings. We pride ourselves on offering a completely bespoke drawing service, backed by unrivalled technical expertise, to our clients.

It’s a level of support that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our objective is to take the headaches out of creating your vision. By doing this, we aim to increase productivity, save you time and reduce your costs. Each detail and interface is considered alongside the components and systems that it connects to. This unique integrated approach gives you complete piece of mind that a comprehensive design is produced presenting the whole picture.

Work with Bailey and see your vision come to life.

The benefits
are clear…

for architects

From conception to completion, you have full visibility at every stage of the project. Integral to the design team, we will assist during the conceptualisation to ensure waste in detailing is eliminated. Our experience in collating all available drawings to create bespoke designs and details, including roof systems, eaves, curtain walling and rainscreen cladding. So we can then supply you with a full set of comprehensive drawings for feedback.

The architects we work with really appreciate our open and honest way of working. This transparency creates great relationships and increases the confidence behind the projects we collaborate on.

for Contractors

Installers never have to second guess how our systems fit together, or spend time figuring out which part goes where – our Design and Drawing Service ensures that all components are clearly marked with a reference number that correlates to a detailed installation drawing right down to the fixings.

Everything is crystal clear, making installation efficient and precise. Scheduled deliveries arrive on site with parts and fixings available when they are needed.

for Clients

We translate information from all parties into a workable drawing, a manufacture plan and ultimately a project that’s delivered on time.

The process is completely traceable – all components that are part of the build can be tracked and identified in a heartbeat. Accurate drawings and designs are available to review at every stage of the project. And with all components manufactured and fitted together on site with complete attention to detail and accuracy, project delays are minimised. You can have complete confidence that the finished project will meet, if not exceed, expectations.

Choose your level

Our Design and Drawing Service can be tailored to your requirements, depending on the level of support you require –
from scheduling and manufacture drawings to a full 3D drawings package.


We work along with the client provide ‘marking up’ of the client’s approved sections and plans with Bailey part numbers, along with minor subgrid and profile adjustments in line with our exacting standards. We also insert panel joints and fascia/soffit joint positions, splitting the intent profile into workable components.

We then create a scheduling plan and manufacture drawings are cross referenced back to the general arrangement drawings, section details, packing and delivery schedules. At level one we do not take responsibility for the design of the system but compliment the clients work. This service is ideal for larger clients who have their own in-house drawing team working in a long term collaborative and continuing relationship.


We provide reflected eaves layouts, elevational views, dimensioned 2D sections prepared from 3rd party drawings (compiled from architect, steelwork fabricator, structural engineer, glazing or curtain walling subcontractor, for example). We coordinate all the relevant information from the construction issue details, in conjunction with the architect’s profile requirements.

Once provided with a full set of architect’s drawings, along with any interfacing details such as curtain walling, roofing, steelwork etc., we then design the system. These drawings are issued for approval by the client and design team. Scheduling and manufacture drawings fully cross referenced to the general arrangement drawings, sections, packing and delivery schedules are produced from signed-off drawings. This service is ideal for larger clients who have their own in-house drawing team as well as smaller clients who do not have the required level of drawing resource.


As per our level one service, but in a 3D drawing environment, we work from the customer’s pre-designed model to produce part numbering, manufacture drawings and schedules. The customer’s model is updated with the correct Bailey product details.


A full 3D drawing service up to BIM level 3. Once principles have been agreed for the system and components, we create a 3D model of the system and associated components, such as rails and brackets to fix back to the structure/secondary steelwork working directly form the clients model, incorporating steel and other models as required. Components are then exported as a suitable file type (such as Revit) to allow integration into the client’s model. We can also supply 3D models with node points to assist setting out brackets and support rails on panels in a suitable CAD format and 2D sections and layouts if required.

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