Bailey Total building Envelope has been a leading specialist in the manufacture and supply of roofs, eaves and facades since the 1970s. We have an enhanced reputation for quality, each element of our systems is designed and built with precision by the expertise our experienced team. We strive to develop the most sustainable building envelope solutions in the market and our materials are designed to aesthetically enhance building design, whilst extending the first point of maintenance and total building life as far into the future as possible.

Aluminium Eaves & Walls – Design & Performance

Bailey specialises in getting this critical building element right in terms of its function, buildability, aesthetic impact and the role it has to play in bringing different parts of total building envelope together. Secret to the success of this element is in unique manufacturing methods, attention to detail and an extensive tried and proven product range. With over 30 years experience, only high quality machinery is used in the manufacturing process to ensure precision and dimensional stability for every element of the eaves system.
Often Bailey products and systems are manufactured in aluminium because of the unique advantages it offers the construction industry. Its high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for external building components. The economic benefits of the high grade of aluminium Bailey use in their manufacturing process are low maintenance, longevity and material value at the end of a building’s life.
Bailey systems are available in a wide range of finishes, often finished in architectural polyester powder coating as required. Bailey operates its own coating plant so that quality standards for pre-treatment, application and environmental friendliness can be observed.
Polyester powder coatings are available in a range of over 200 RAL colours, including gloss, satin and matt finishes. Metallic and Futura Special Effects are also included in the range. A 30 year guarantee is usually available.
In addition anodising and PVDF are offered either as pre-finished material or post coatings.

Excellence in Flat Roofing

All Bailey‘s flat roofing membranes are high performance products manufactured from a variety of raw materials including modified bitumen, TPE, PAO, SBS, APP and reinforced with a combination of polyester and glass carriers. The secret of an excellent product is the blending of the right proportions of raw materials and all products are manufactured using the latest technology which is continually monitored.
The manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality control, in accordance with ISO 9001. A sample from every batch is tested and retained in the laboratory for nine months and each roll bears a label with the batch number, giving full traceability. The manufacturing plants are continuously upgraded and modernised over the years in order to keep costs and environmental impact to an minimum.
All Bailey felts, are CE marked and packaged using a coloured taping system, making it easy to identify the different membranes.