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Bailey, have the expertise and experience of working with metal to transform your drawings into reality.

Bailey understand it is essential that the eaves and façade systems are critical to the building element in terms of its function, build-ability, aesthetic impact and the role they have to play in bringing different parts of the total building envelope together, and ensure only high grade metals and durable finishes are used in the manufacturing processes.

Metals We Work With


Often Bailey products and systems are manufactured in aluminium because of the unique advantages it offers the construction industry.  Its high strength to weight ratio and resistance to corrosion make it ideal for external building components.  The economic benefits of the high grade of aluminium Bailey use in their manufacturing process are low maintenance, longevity and material value at the end of a building’s life.

Stainless steel

Bailey offer a wide range of different finishes of stainless steel, including matt, polished and coloured options.  Stainless steel used by Bailey is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance, workability and a modern progressive image which provides a wide selection of surface finishes for eaves and façades systems.


Building owners and architects are increasingly turning to zinc for its long, maintenance-free life and adaptability to various design styles ranging from traditional to modern.
Bailey ensure high grade zinc material is used which requires little maintenance over its service life.  Because the metal is uncoated, there is no possibility of the fading, chipping or peeling that otherwise needs recurrent attention.


Bailey Coreten steel exhibits increased resistance to atmospheric corrosion compared to unalloyed steels.  The corrosion retarding effect of the protective layer is produced by the nature of its structure components and the particular distribution and concentration of alloying elements in it. The layer protecting the surface develops and regenerates continuously when subjected to the influence of the weather.
Its resistance to corrosion mean that the Coreten Bailey use in production can be supplied in numerous architectural formats: as solid, expanded mesh or perforated panels for a variety of architectural applications and aesthetics.

Finishing Touches

Polyester powder coating

Polyester powder coatings are available in a standard range of over 200 RAL colours, including gloss, satin and matt finishes and the Bailey in house range of special colours.  Metallic and Futura special effects are also included in the range.  Bailey with its own in house fully automated powder coating plant ensuring that finishes applied, are treated and tested to the highest standards.
Bailey understands that sometimes our clients require their project to have its own unique look and feel and as a result pride themselves on being able to colour match to requirements.  Simply speak to a representative to discuss your colour matching requirements, they will help you assess exactly what you need from product, decide if any pre-existing shades might be suitable, and then work closely with you to choose and match the right colour and texture.
Bailey only use PPC that is durable and long lasting, as a result, we can guarantee our PPC coating for up to 30 years.


Bailey’s experience in the industry means we can offer advice on the selection of the appropriate metal and anodising treatment.  Bailey anodising is available in any one of 40 different colours.  Bailey develops the colour electro statically by depositing cobalt metal into the porous film.  Increasing the amount of cobalt deposited gives shades of bronze from pale bronze right through to black.  In addition to this, Bailey achieve a wide range of yellows, reds, blues greens, oranges or turquoises in subtle shades with guaranteed weather-ability.  The porous film is over-dyed using architecturally stable organic pigments.
Anodising enhances the natural qualities of aluminium still further; it permits a strongly contemporary finish with incomparable corrosion and abrasion resistance.
Anodised finish can be easily damaged prior to installation.  At Bailey we are committed to ensure that the anodised eaves and façade systems arrive on site, suitably wrapped and without damage, by incorporating unique packaging methods and crating the materials.
Read our useful guide if you’re choosing between Polyester Powder Coated and Anodised finishes.

Embossing, punching and effects

Bailey has the expertise to tailor 3-dimensional patterns and punching effects on your eaves and façades systems to meet the requirements for each project.  From weave, to squares, etched finishes and embossing, Bailey can translate these onto your projects for optimum aesthetics.

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