Off-Site Manufacturing

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Bailey has a range of unique, off-site manufactured, pre-assembled solutions, utilising Bailey standard products such as Laser-line, Cassette secret fix fascia/soffit systems for modular wall systems utilised on a wide range of building applications. These innovative systems are manufactured to specification off-site and delivered to the project complete and ready for installation.
This enables Bailey to ensure buildings are constructed easily and quicker, allowing other trades access to the building in timescales that would have been unachievable if more traditional construction methods had been used. Importantly, installed costs and construction time are significantly reduced, delays due to inclement weather are rare, health and safety is improved, site wastage reduced and scaffolding requirements are kept to a minimum, further reducing risk of accidents and costs.
Off-site construction methods offer many additional economies without compromising quality of build. By adopting a ‘one stop’ policy for most, if not all, of the building envelope, avoid multi trade interface issues. Projects would also benefit from less complicated manufacturing and contractual accountability.

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