Scheduling & Delivery

Bailey fully understand how important it is that products arrive on time and in pristine condition, in order to achieve this we use our own dedicated transport and we build our own pallets to suit the requirements of each project.
We are committed to ensure that pre-fabricated panels arrive on site, suitably wrapped and without damage, by incorporating unique packaging methods and crating the materials. Our commitment to logistics goes further than purely delivering to site and all pallets will have their own unique reference number and be accompanied by a full packing list, which enables every item to be located in its pallet at any time.
For multi branch customers, we are proud to offer our multiple drop service meaning bulk orders can be efficiently and swiftly distributed between your branches by our own dedicated transport.
Within our comprehensive transport schedule we have facilities to offer deliveries direct to site for you and your customer. By carrying this out on our own transport means the delivery location and time can be chosen to suit. It’s a part of our commitment, our commitment to make your life simpler.

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