Roof Surveying – Electronic Leak Detection Testing

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Bailey is proud to launch its new service with infrared roof surveys, together with electronic leak detection in conjunction with any flat roof waterproofing systems.  Whether new or existing roof covering we offer an integrity test or a conditioned survey utilising thermography to see building defects.  This will highlight missing insulation, dampness, moisture ingress and delamination.
The cameras used can actually see wet insulation below waterproofing and therefore can be a useful instrument when considering replacing a roofing membrane.  Considerable savings can be made by partially stripping your roof and overlaying the areas that are actually dry.

Electronic Leak Testing Procedure

Baileys approach to electronic leak detection is simple and effective.  We locate pin hole penetrations in existing or new flat roofing membranes.  This approach is a dry test method and purely locates the holes rather than assessing the extent of damage to the roof structure.
Bailey electronic leak detection in conjunction with thermal imaging; provides a good overview of exactly what is the situation under the membrane as well as any individual leaks that there may be on the roof.  The benefits are:

  • Fast and accurate location of leaks in most types of waterproofing membranes
  • Infrared and thermography provides information of what is happening under the membrane and highlights any thermal breaks.
  • Effective equipment to detect leaks with high accuracy, normally within a centimetre.
  • No need to remove surface coatings or make any special provisions other than weather.
  • Defects marked on a roof plan.
  • Post survey report.
  • Certificate of Waterproofing integrity available on request.

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